Sewn Items

For years I have been making a wide variety of oven mitts, potholders and other items in a variety of fun prints - from New England sports teams to pets, from sheep to all farm animals, from wildlife to flowers. Themes that anyone would enjoy. Someday I will sell directly on the computer! In the meantime you are invited to contact. me for one on one service to help you find what you would like.

Bag Holders

A place to store your plastic bags to reuse or recycle.

$12.00 ea.

Eyeglass Cases

Everyone needs a soft lined case to hold your glasses when not wearing them.

$2.00 ea.

Mug Rugs

Cloth coasters are convenient and. will save your. furniture from annoying spots from liquids.

Many prints and sizes to choose from.

$1.00 ea. 4/$3.50 8/$6.00

There are a variety of coordinating prints. Think about giving these useful products for all occasions. The above grouping. would cost $26.00.